The 23rd Annual Nantucket Wine & Food Festival: May 15-19, 2019

Lou Rossi

Executive Chef

Castle Hill Inn
Newport, RI

Growing up in a predominately Italian household, Executive Chef Lou Rossi learned at an early age to appreciate food as a centerpiece of daily life. Lou began his culinary career at eight years old ­ standing on milk crates, peeling carrots and onions at his parent’s restaurant. Coming from two generations of restaurateurs, Lou had no doubts about his future when he applied to the New England Culinary Institute.


During his schooling, Lou worked as a culinary intern at Castle Hill. After graduating with his degree in Culinary Arts, Lou moved to Manhattan to work at Thomas Keller’s 3 Michelin Star restaurant, Per Se. Although it was an incredible and humbling experience, Lou missed his time in Newport and he eventually returned to Castle Hill in 2009 to work with Chef Hart where he plays an integral part of the property’s culinary ethos, and can usually be found in Castle Hill’s own gardens, gathering items for that evening’s meal.