The 23rd Annual Nantucket Wine & Food Festival: May 15-19, 2019

Gregory Hecht


Hecht & Bannier
Provence, France

Gregory Hecht is co-founder of micro-négociant Hecht & Bannier. Coming to light in 2002, Hecht & Bannier is a boutique winery dedicated to wines from the most unique terroirs in South of France. Their goal is to be a reliable quality benchmark for the region with a collection of signature wines across the finest Mediterranean vineyards. Their wines allow wine lovers to explore the extraordinary quality and diversity of Provence, Roussillon and Languedoc.


Hecht & Bannier developed an extensive knowledge of the vineyards to select only the best grapes. Most of the time their wines come from vines located on the cooler foothills where it isn’t rare to see hundred-year-old plants. Once the long and picky selection process has come to an end, they can get to the last tastings to create the final blends and decide on the elevage options.