The 23rd Annual Nantucket Wine & Food Festival: May 15-19, 2019

Ed Brylczyk

Chef/General Manager

Dole & Bailey, Inc.
Woburn, MA

Ed has worked in the Food World since my age of 15 and served in almost every capacity; dishwasher, prep-cook, cook, line cook, server, Sous Chef, Chef, Chef, F&B Analyst, Sales Rep, Sales Manager and now GM.  Prior to joining D&B Ed served as a Chef Instructor in the Johnson & Wales Practicum Education Department and then Food & Beverage Analyst at the Le Meridien Hotel in Boston. As Corporate Chef/GM at Dole & Bailey, Ed describes his role in the following quote, “I have the honor and privilege to contribute my experience and passion to the Dole & Bailey Team and help develop the next generation of Food Professionals. We thrive on partnering with our customers, finding and procuring the foods that are going to help them execute their Culinary Vision. I LOVE being part of a team that is committed to preserving the agricultural legacy of the Northeast, sourcing quality, healthy, great-tasting foods and sharing this with our Culinary Community!”