The 23rd Annual Nantucket Wine & Food Festival: May 15-19, 2019

Marilisa Allegrini


Allegrini Estates
Valpolicella, Italy

Marilisa Allegrini is the global representative and CEO of Allegrini Estates, of the Allegrini family’s acclaimed estates in Tuscany and the Veneto. Together with her brother Franco Allegrini, head winemaker for Allegrini Estates, Marilisa carries on the legacy of winegrowing expertise, the family is recognized for crafting the benchmark Amarone, pioneering a focus on single-vineyard sites, and marrying tradition with innovation.


After studies at the University of Verona, Marilisa became Director of Sales and Marketing for Allegrini and began traveling throughout Italy and the world to share the story of her family’s heritage and wines. Today, Marilisa is president of Amarone Families (Famiglie dell’Amarone d’Arte) and has been recognized as one of the top ambassadors for Valpolicella worldwide. Marilisa and the Allegrini family channel their passion for hospitality at Verona’s Villa della Torre, their 16th-century renaissance palace. Today, this world-class destination welcomes guests with the family’s phenomenal wines as well as dining experiences from a Michelin-starred chef.