The 23rd Annual Nantucket Wine & Food Festival: May 15-19, 2019


The American Truffle Revolution

May 17, 2019

General Admission : $125


The Nantucket Hotel, 77 Easton St, Nantucket, MA

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Event Description

Become a truffle connoisseur! In this unique and engaging program, you’ll learn firsthand from world-class experts about the flavors, gastronomy and mystery of black truffles, and the exciting intricacies of pairing them with wines.  For decades, Americans have savored the coveted truffles imported from Europe. Now, after generations of unsuccessful attempts to cultivate in North America, the elusive black Périgord truffle is embarking on a quiet revolution here on our very own culinary turf ― one that is progressing at a rapid pace that will give us all access to ultra-fresh truffles from farm to kitchen in a matter of hours! American Truffle Company’s Robert Chang will discuss how they’ve been leading the way in applying cutting edge science to reliably cultivate these ‘black diamonds’ in truffle orchards around the country.