The 23rd Annual Nantucket Wine & Food Festival: May 15-19, 2019


America’s Great Producers: Cheese and Wine Seminar

May 17, 2019

General Admission : $125


White Elephant, 50 Easton Street

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Event Description

Let’s hear it for the red, white and blue! America is now on the world map when it comes to cheese and wine. As recently as 20 years ago, there were about 75 artisan cheesemakers in America. Today, they number hundreds, so it’s no surprise that fine American artisanal cheeses are now seen on the menus of the finest restaurants and gourmet cheese shops.

American cheesemakers are relatively new to their craft compared to the Old World cheesemakers with centuries of tradition behind them … but most cheese experts would agree that today, American artisanal cheeses easily stand on equal footing with their counterparts in Europe. This is the same story with America’s great wine producers. Whether in Napa, Sonoma, Washington, Oregon, New York or Virginia, American wines are on the international map. Join us for an educational and insightful tasting experience featuring Chef Chris Cordeiro of Sid Wainer as we taste through six award-winning domestic cheese producers paired with six great American wine producers from around the country.

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