Kevin Tessieux


Domaine des Deux Roches
Burgundy, France

Kevin is the son in law of Christian Collovray of the Collovray and Terrier Estate in Burgundy and Limoux in Languedoc. He  is a partner in the estate along with Chrisitian Collavray, Jean Luc Terrier and his brother in law, Julien Collovray. He is responsible for the marketing and sales for all the properties of Collovray and Terrier including Heritage de Calcaire, Domaine des Deux Roches, Chateau d’Antungnac and Capitelles des Fermes.


Originally from Lyon, Kevin joined as a partner in the company after working as a project manager for the first eco-hotel Hotel Les Orangeries in Lyon as well as subsequent projects of the same hotel group. He was also an eco-consultant for the environmental consulting firm of ADONEO in Lyon.


He also spent a number of years as a travel reviewer of restaurants and hotels in Europe for a major French publication.


Kevin is also an accomplished musician, a part time college professor and currently serves as the president of the Saint Veran appellation in the Macon region of Burgundy.