Dionne Irvine


Irvine & Roberts Vineyards
Rogue Valley, Oregon

From the day she started working in her father’s bakery at age twelve, Dionne Irvine has been hard at work. During her senior year in high school in Brookings, Oregon she worked nights in the bakery and drove across the border to California after school to take real estate classes at junior college.



Just days after her high school graduation, she set off to Southern California to begin her career in real estate. From selling new home communities to the management fast track with some of the nation’s largest home builders to starting her own company with her husband Doug, Dionne established a name for herself professionally. Dionne was excited to create an entirely new family business with Irvine & Roberts, where she is, as Doug will say, “the visionary and glue behind it all.” Her business savvy, personal touch, and design sense are evident in every inch of the winery – from the way the architecture blends into the environment to the warm hospitality offered to each and every guest. The Ranch is her home and sanctuary where the kids grew up picking blackberries, splashing in the creek, and hiking to the top of the butte. Her mission now is to explain the unique interplay of sun and geography, share the thoughtful approach to winegrowing, and pour the dynamic wines that testify to the special nature of this place.