Located on the island of Nantucket, this boutique experience of world class wines and award winning food will forever change you. Over the past 20 years, the Nantucket Wine Festival has become one of the most celebrated wine and food events in the country.  

Must be 21 or older to purchase tickets to events that include wine or spirits. Valid ID required for entry.

Special Events

Off the beaten track from the mainstay events, we feature special experiences in food and wine.

Tickets to the Special Events will go on sale on January 15, 2016.

Here is a sample of the Special Events from 2015. Please check back in January 2016 to see the schedule of events for 2016 and to purchase tickets.

VIP Hangar Party with Wheels Up  Friday Afternoon

The VIP Hangar Party with Wheels Up at ACK Airport featured private planes, luxury vehicles, designer fashion and more..... Guests enjoyed exquisite wines, signature cocktails, live music, and chef entertainment at the grill. The perfect way to kick off an evening on the island.

1945 Historic 70 Year Anniversary Dinner  Friday Evening

No vintage in the post-World War era has a reputation as great as 1945. Its legendary status is well deserved based solely on the quality of the wines, but the fact that it is the “victory” vintage following World War II only adds to its luster. 1945 was a remarkably good vintage for virtually every wine region in the world, but it was especially great for Claret. This once in lifetime dinner celebrated one of the greatest vintages Bordeaux has ever produced alongside perfectly paired cuisine.

Junior Top Chef Competition  Sunday Morning

Four teams of culinary students went head-to-head as they competed for the prize of a $5,000 culinary scholarship. Guests meandered through the tent and sampled great nibbles from local artisan food vendors as while watching the action unfold at the Junior Top Chef Competition.

Get Your Grill On!  Sunday Afternoon

Beer, Bites, Barbecue….The perfect end to a perfect Nantucket Wine Festival weekend.  The Harbor Tent transformed into an interactive experience of everything grilling.  This all-inclusive ticket included wine and beer tastings, samples from the grill,  and culinary demos.